Awaken your senses with our latest fragrance: GRAPEFRUIT x FRANGIPANI. This delightful scent combines the brightness of citrus fruit with the sweet, subtle smell of beautiful blossoming flowers to create a full-body energizing experience.

Base notes of amber, cedarwood and sandalwood keep the scent grounded and natural, while hints of bergamot and lemon maintain this fragrance’s cheerful glow. Dousing yourself in GRAPEFRUIT x FRANGIPANI will ignite a light that illuminates your aura throughout the entire day.

Its invigorating floral qualities make it perfect for a facial wash, body scrub, daytime perfume, and hand lotion. If mornings feel dreary for you, or you struggle making it through the day with a joyful disposition, GRAPEFRUIT x FRANGIPANI is the perfect way to become instantly refreshed and revitalized. A creation by Vanessence.


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