Ignite your inner fire with our latest fragrance creation: RED TEA x MATE. This energizing scent is filled with power as it envelops and uplifts you, letting you reach a new heights you thought weren’t possible.

The fresh spiciness of red tea and mate are contrasted with hypnotic citrus notes from orange, bergamot, and grapefruit. All of these exhilarating ingredients are then grounded with warm vanilla to give the fragrance more body and sincerity.

The invigorating qualities of RED TEA x MATE make it the perfect fragrance choice for any body or face scrubs, morning lotions, or perfumes. You’ll find a delicate balance between the feminine and masculine virtues, making it a scent that everyone can use and enjoy.

There’s nothing better than rising out of bed on a beautiful day and cloaking yourself in RED TEA x MATE’s delectable and stimulating strength. Use this fragrance before a busy day and you’ll find your motivation, productivity, and energy all working at their best in perfect harmony. Refresh and revitalize with RED TEA x MATE.


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