Latest trends


Ginger & Pink Pepper
Cardamom & Cinnamon
Black Pepper & Pistachio

Fresh spices are primed to be a big fragrances trend in the coming year. Spices have been used and valued in fragrances for centuries, they represent important accords in iconic perfumes and they will continue to fascinate in modern perfumery. Fresh like pepper, ginger and cardamom, warm like nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, these accords create mouth-watering and airy sensations.


Jasmine & Bitter Almond
Rose & Cherry Syrup
Carnation & Tonka Bean

This Autumn, scents continue to captivate our senses and underline our individual characters. Floral-scented fragrances with their multiple facets are on the rise in 2020: lushly bouquets of white flowers with and an irresistible touch of gourmand, cheerful floral chords to combine with pleasing fruity notes, this full florality is addictive.

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